Veterans – History in The Making … 2

Remembering the past, helping with the future

Veterans – History in The Making … 2

24th July 2017 Falklands War Veterans World War II 0

Many of our members have served or know people who have served in the armed services and as such will either be directly or indirectly related to Veterans or be a Veteran themselves. And Veterans have been making history in many of their actions over time. If you look back in History the month of June is  quite exceptional for events that have affected or involved military personnel often involving many of our relatives or friends.

We will be exploring some events in here and on our website when it is up and running fully but to give you a taster of what happened this month in history….

6th June 1944 marked the 73rd anniversary of the D Day.

28th June 1914 The Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated which led to the start of the First World War.

June 1917 saw the German held Messines Ridge Ypres being destroyed and the arrival of the first US Army units into France.

June 1944 saw the introduction to the V1 rocket being used to bomb London.

25th June 1950 saw the start of the Korean War which many UK forces were involved in.

June 1982 saw the end of the Falklands conflict.

During this series of articles on history we will be looking further into many of these events and more.

We would welcome input and comments on our regular look through history so please feel free to contribute and share history with us.

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