A Chance for Thanks!

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A Chance for Thanks!

27th February 2018 Community 0

Sometimes when you’re working with a charity, it can feel disconnected, distant, face-less and impersonal. But not so with FVUK. I’ve explained in other posts how I was shocked (to the point of tears) how much the people behind FVUK care and their total motivation to reach out and talk to people.

The chance Jay had to show off his new equipment to the Founder of FVUK!

I can’t think of another charity, where the founder would take time out of his schedule to check up on one of their beneficiaries. But Gary did with me. When I got the new bow, I knew that I had to show him what I had received so he could get his hands on it and see what all the fuss was about.

I got lucky! As I am receiving treatment at DCMH Tidworth (yes – I know that’s Army, but I’m Navy… They don’t appear to mind) I checked in with Gary to find out when he was next visiting Tedworth House. And it turned out that it was last week. He was attending the H4H Winter Games, so I piled the kit in the back of the car and dashed off to the Phoenix Centre.

I spotted Gary through the window. He looked out of breath, but heading for the indoor curling event. As it turned out, he was standing next to a young man that I had attended the Multi-Activity Course with at the Lilleshall Battle Back Centre. This young man thought I was coming in to see him! So it gave me an excellent opportunity to introduce him to Gary.

Gary had broken into a sweat and it took him a couple of seconds to remember who I was (remember that I’ve only ever met him face-to-face once – and that was a few months ago!). All I could do was hug him!

I turned out that Gary had just off of the skiing simulator and was totally exhausted! I gave him some to to get his breath back by setting up my new bow and stand. As I did so, people stopped and asked what it was? So here was the ideal chance to tell them – and who helped me get it!

If it weren’t for the cane, we’re fairly sure Gary would have terrified a few people with half a dozen arrows!

Once it was put together, we had the chance to take a couple of photographs to share with you wonderful people – but that was easier said than done! I hope you agree that it’s an impressive piece of kit! People were stopping the pair of us, asking about it, what the poles did – and we were able to tell them. But far more importantly, we could share a story of how I was, why I needed it and how FVUK was able to help. We were able to explain what FVUK was all about and the fact that the charity has so many in-routes to other organisations, that when someone needs some support, they more often than not know who to talk to – and how to make them listen!

It was so amazing to say thanks to just one member of the FVUK team and I hope the pictures give you a smile. This is just one tiny way that I can say thank you to all of you and the fantastic team and community that is FVUK!

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