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23rd July 2018 Slider One 0

Our ‘Traffic Light Scheme’ is our simple system that we have put together to ensure the money we raise goes to the right places, where and when it is need the most.

Red light cases would be classed as severe hardship and would be cases that would need to be dealt with as a priority! These would be low expenditure cases, usually with these cases they have been brought to our attention by our own Buddy scheme, or someone from a recognised charity or social media organisation. With experience these cases can also include homeless veterans where it is important we act promptly!

Amber would be cases that are important, but not life threatening and would need to be addressed within the first few days of the case being brought to the attention of FVUK.

Green light cases would be things that are not life threatening but are needed to help or assist in the veterans or their families lives. Green light cases are to be built up to with time and available funds, and all free and suitable options should be looked at first before being authorised by at least four trustees.

This will be the foundation of what we can offer our veterans.

If you would like more information regarding our Traffic Light Scheme then please contact us.

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