Remembering the past, helping with the future

Our team of administrators and managers are vital to the operation of FVUK and the help that we can offer veterans out there.  Below is some information about who they are.  If you are interested in joining the team then please contact us.

Peter Macey - Facebook Manager

I think l always knew l would end up in the military world but not the one l actually joined. Born in Malta where my Father was stationed with the Royal Navy we came home to Cornwall when l was seven months old.
At 17 having left school with very few academic qualifications l decided to follow in my Father's footsteps having heard of all his seafaring adventures and went off to join the Navy. But they turned me down so l went next door and joined the Army instead.
I spent 23 years in the Service, 16 years with the Corps of Royal Engineers during which time l saw service in Germany and the UK with tours of duty in NI, the Falklands and first Gulf War.
The last 7 years l spent as an Army Welfare Worker in the AGC, supporting soldiers and their families in a number if ways, leaving as a WO2 in 2001.
I have a genuine interest in supporting people particularly military veterans. I would say my main abilities or experiences lay in admin management, l have good organisational skills and the ability to listen and understand when people are asking for help.

Angie O'Carroll - Buddy Scheme Manager

I have become involved with this wonderful charity from my association in the Veteran community which came about when a very close friend of mine suffered an major Stroke in 2013 and I became the link between him and his Service Friends and his military contacts.
I now have many contacts now in this arena. I was looking after my friend until 2016 when he passed away.
I was made redundant from my role at Lloyds Bank in April 2017 after 37 plus years having worked my way through the ranks to senior Project Manager. I have worked in the branch network and had logistical and operational experience. So found myself with time on my hands and offered my assistance to this Charity.
I have a son of 27 who is following in his mums footsteps within Banking. A husband who makes metal shop fitting. 2 cats, Kevin the kitten and Casey the Cat. My sport love is Tenpin bowling although due to injury i haven't managed to play much recently.