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What people that we have assisted have to say......

We have had some amazing feedback on the service that we offer. Below is a snapshot of what Veterans and their family members have had to say about Forgotten Veterans UK and the help and support that we offer. We have also had amazing comments from other charities as well and that is a real boost.

    review rating 5  The Forgotten veterans should be recognised all around Great Britain and in the Commonwealth for what you have done for your country you should never be left left out in this you get all the help you need for what they are done for your country in there eligions to the Queen an the United Kingdom

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Rachel from Plymouth, had this to say:

“As the wife of a veteran with PTSD most other groups offering support insist on talking to the veteran and will not support a wife who has problems of their own, we tend to be ignored this is not the case with Forgotten Veterans UK. They supported me when I needed support both with getting food on the table and also emotional support which is ongoing, and nothing is too much trouble. There is always someone to talk to and no-one is ignored or left feeling lonely and depressed and they don’t expect anything in return. I have offered to help no matter what even though I have problems of my own, it’s like one big happy but dysfunctional  family”

Steve from Somerset, let us know this.

“I’m an ex British Royal Navy veteran, after medical discharge from the armed forces and the death of my farther I turned to drink and other things. I was at rock bottom to a point of contemplating suicide until a fellow veteran saw my struggle and directed me to this amazing charity FORGOTTEN VETERANS UK they helped guide me, and opened doors to help. They pushed me to get back on my feet not to mention when I secured a job they helped me with equipment.  Also, when I first came to the attention of the charity my benefits had been stopped due to new legislation and they helped me with food vouchers, but most importantly was the help they provided, and the kick up the back side that I got to motivate myself, and not expect it all on a plate. I have been sober for 2 months 4 weeks this coming Thursday.

These guys are a shinning light in an ever darkening world they have my respect and loyalty.”

Tim from Portsmouth wanted to share this.

I need to put to paper my thanks and appreciation to Forgotten Veterans. In late September 2017 I suffered a Major stroke, while in hospital my land lady gave me 3 weeks notice to vacate my accommodation, I managed to secure new accommodation through the Alabare Charity. Moving my clothing and basic possessions was going to be a expensive and difficult chore due to my restrictive mobility. I was given contact details for Forgotten Veterans to ask for assistance.  On contacting them and speaking to Gary and Angie who said they should be able to help me by paying for a Taxi to transport me and my possessions to my new address. This was a great weight from my shoulders, for which I am grateful.
Gary and Angie have both followed up with phone calls to check I am comfortable in my new accommodation and recovering from my stroke well.To any Veteran at a low point and needing an ear to listen could do worse than contacting Forgotten Veterans

Scott from Liverpool gave us this great feedback.

I'd like to thank Forgotten Veterans for their care, support and speedy respnse when so many other charities had turned me away. Your kindness has made a big difference and brought hope where there was previously only darkness. Thank you so much! Scott - Royal Military Police

Lt Cdr Jay Saunders had these kind words to say......

I had given up hope of getting any support through my battle with PTSD, when everybody that offered me something let me down – service and charity alike, mainly because I am still serving. I thought that applying for the Invictus games would be good for me, but after attending the Archery training camp, it took me to a very dark place. The only category I can enter requires you to have your own equipment at the Selection Trials. My limited equipment is worth about £130 brand new, but the people I will be competing against have all the kit, worth well over £2,000. I was on the verge of giving up, when my wife convinced me to apply for a grant, so I approached a few military charities – and was rejected. In a moment of clarity, I decided to ask for some advice on the FVUK Facebook Group. I couldn’t believe the support, love and caring I gained from a simple post. But then Gary and his trustees got involved with such passion, it reduced me to tears! Thanks to FVUK, I have been awarded the grant I need. But far more importantly, I have hope, support, friends, passion and a new family in FVUK. I can never thank FVUK enough!

Jay Saunders, Lt Cdr

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