Author: Catherine Philip

Remembering the past, helping with the future

PTSD -Trust

Please remember I write this from my own military perspective. It took 12 years after I had left the army to put my trust in someone.  Although I think the worst thing I ever did was join a bar age of PTSD Facebook pages looking for answers, because the nurse in me took over and […]

8th October 2017 0

The veteran in me.

I lived and breathed being in the armed forces from the day I was born, my dad was a RE, one uncle KOSB, another two uncles ARGYLE and Sutherland Highlanders, cousins in the RAF, my sister joined the QARANCS, my brother was REME, at the age of 13 I joined the army cadets, then straight […]

22nd August 2017 0


Please remember, above all else I write this post from my own experience.   You have all heard of people either putting up a wall, or hiding behind barriers.  Me…. well I’m pretty much an expert at this, I could go to work and act the class clown, have a laugh with my staff and […]

16th August 2017 0

PTSD – sleep disorders/nightmares

You would be surprised to find out that sleep disorders are closely linked to PTSD, snoring, sleep apnoea (the disorder where you hold your breath in ur sleep, or it appears that you have stopped breathing),  sleep walking.  Well ain’t I just “chuffed to rocks” as they say, as I now clearly suffer from all […]

25th June 2017 0

PTSD – Anxiety/panic attacks

Have you ever been in a situation where you genuinely Fear for your life, or someone close to you.  Have you ever got that nervous about something, that you may have nightmares the night before, you feel your pulse through every artery in your body, hear it in your ears, sweat coming out of everywhere, […]

14th June 2017 0


So how does a person get to the point they even think about suicide?  Damn hard question, we all have different triggers, and although these things effect the suicidal person, whatever has happened to them weather it be loss.of a loved one, father, mother, sibling or even a child, ptsd or depression, there are people […]

11th May 2017 0


PTSD controls lives, even to the point the torment is so bad we feel the better option is to take our own lives.  There is no sugar coating it, no saying och we felt a bit down so thought about suicide.  Anyone with depression so bad it gets to the point where we believe those […]

10th May 2017 0