Author: Jay Saunders

Remembering the past, helping with the future

A Chance for Thanks!

Sometimes when you’re working with a charity, it can feel disconnected, distant, face-less and impersonal. But not so with FVUK. I’ve explained in other posts how I was shocked (to the point of tears) how much the people behind FVUK care and their total motivation to reach out and talk to people. I can’t think […]

27th February 2018 0

Collecting the Kit & First Shoot!

So, I managed to talk to the guys at Quicks Archery Waterlooville on Thursday. Then needed to know the size of the limbs (the arms of the bow) I needed and draw-length (how far I can pull the string back)… I suggested that I could go and visit them to check me over and set […]

17th February 2018 0

Jay’s Invictus Journey

This blog outlines Lt Cdr Jay Saunders of the Royal Navy and his Invictus Journey. This is just the begining. Background It took me a long time to realise that I was suffering with PTSD following my deployment on OP GRITROCK, the UK’s contribution to defeating the Ebola virus in West Africa. I was the only […]

15th February 2018 0