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Veterans – History in the Making 15

The Royal Air Force On 1st April 2018 the Royal Air Force (RAF) celebrates its 100th anniversary since it came into being as part of the British military system.  Formed from an amalgamation of the pre-existing Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS), all military flight operations came under one service […]

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Veterans – History in the Making 14

The Seven Pillars of Wisdom On 13th May 1935 a 1000cc Borough Superior motorcycle whilst being ridden at speed along a back road near Bovington Camp in Dorset had an altercation with two school boys on bicycles that had been out looking for birds eggs.  One was knocked off his bike during the collision but […]

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Veterans – History in the Making 13

Operation Michael – The Last German Offensive On 21st March 1918 Operation Michael, a major German military offensive started from the securely held Hindenburg Line.  It would prove to be the final offensive that the German forces undertook and was a major turning point in the First World War. The Operation was designed to break […]

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Veterans – History in the Making 12

A Right to Vote – February 1918 In November 2010 Cpl Sarah Bushbye RAMC was awarded the Military Cross by Her Majesty the Queen in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.  Sarah is only the third ever female recipient of the MC.  Pte Michelle Morris also RAMC was the first in 2006 and Able Seaman Kate […]

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Veterans – History in the Making 11

We will all be aware of the rising tensions between the United States of America and North Korea and the veiled threats coming from the man in the white house, or golf club a lot of the time, and the unveiled threats from the young leader Kim Jong Un. Whether you believe that one is […]

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Veterans – History in the Making 10

Bosnia-Herzegovina This year in the Tommy Atkins Diary we will be looking back one hundred years to the events leading up to the Centenary of the Armistice.  But in between that we will also be looking at other history changing events that have occurred since that time.  In the early 1990’s British Servicemen were called […]

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Veterans – History in the making 9

Veterans – History in the Making The Atomic Bomb 6th November 1917 marked the end of one of what are often referred to as the greatest battles in the history of war.  This was the Third Battle of Ypres, or Passchendaele as it is better known; a battle that had raged from 31st July 1917 […]

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Veterans – History in the making 8

Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, a Canadian doctor, was serving in Ypres in the Spring of 1915 when a close friend was killed. As the doctor looked out across the battlefields, scarred by mud, disused trenches and barbed wire, he noticed flowers, bright red petals fluttering in the breeze. Despite the fighting that was happening on […]

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Veterans – History in the Making …7

The Man Who Saved the World In October 2002 the Director of the National Security Archive, Thomas Blanton ordered the release of Secret and Top Secret documents pertaining to an event that had occurred forty years earlier. At the time the Director made a speech during which he alluded to someone who, in his opinion […]

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Veterans – History in the Making …6

Special Order No. 6 A cold biting wind swept across the parade square at Bovington in late November as the Royal Tank Regiment stood to attention on a Regimental Parade. Dressed in their familiar black tank suits and belts their black berets bore the distinctive silver RTR cap badge. A lone trooper, the youngest in […]

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