Remembering the past, helping with the future

Veterans – History in The Making … 5

These last few months have been very prominent in terms of historical events involving the military. And it is right to commemorate our fallen colleagues and veterans at all times. The end of last month marked one of the greatest battles in the history of war with the 100th anniversary of the start of the […]

1st September 2017 0

The veteran in me.

I lived and breathed being in the armed forces from the day I was born, my dad was a RE, one uncle KOSB, another two uncles ARGYLE and Sutherland Highlanders, cousins in the RAF, my sister joined the QARANCS, my brother was REME, at the age of 13 I joined the army cadets, then straight […]

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Please remember, above all else I write this post from my own experience.   You have all heard of people either putting up a wall, or hiding behind barriers.  Me…. well I’m pretty much an expert at this, I could go to work and act the class clown, have a laugh with my staff and […]

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The Science of Warfare … Part 2

Just about now, divers from the British Diving Association are deep in the waters of Loch Striven recovering two things that have been seen since the second World War. Loch Striven is a sea loch extending off the Firth of Clyde and forms part of the Cowal Peninsula in Argyll and Bute on the West […]

24th July 2017 0

The Science of Warfare … Part 1

The Science of Warfare (and what our relatives experienced in the name of science) Science covers mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology so whatever we do in life, science has some part to play.  But science also has a very dark side.  The first guns and rounds for weapons were developed using science as was indeed […]

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Good and Evil – Hand in Hand

I finished watching the series ‘Genius’ last night.  The programme starred Johnny Flynn, brother of the older Jerome from Solider Soldier fame, and Geoffrey Rush.  Both actors played the role of Albert Einstein at different times in his life and portrayed from his early years trying to get into University right through to his death […]

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Veterans – History in The Making … 4

During the First World War Britain came under attack from the air, an action which put civilians in the firing line for the very first time. In 1914 despite the growing issues in the Balkan States and the real expectation a war of some kind was looming, Britain was ill-prepared to deal with the threat […]

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Veterans – History in The Making … 3

On 12th June 1982, US President Ronald Reagen stood almost directly in front of the closed-off Brandenburg Gate to give a speech.  Part of his speech included a plea to the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, when he said ‘Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall.’ The Berlin Wall had been […]

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Veterans – History in The Making … 2

Many of our members have served or know people who have served in the armed services and as such will either be directly or indirectly related to Veterans or be a Veteran themselves. And Veterans have been making history in many of their actions over time. If you look back in History the month of […]

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Veterans – History in the Making … 1

Today June 6, in 1944, was the day the Allied powers crossed the English Channel and landed on the beaches of Normandy, France, beginning the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi which would lead to the end of World War II. Within three months, the northern part of France would be freed and the invasion […]

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