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Remembering the past, helping with the future

No turning back now

Saturday 29th April has seen the announcement that I will be taking part in the Glasgow Men’s 10Km road race, so there is no turning back now 🙂 Fundraising has started. If you would like to make a donation, please do so. All proceeds are going to FVUK. l will be running the Glasgow Mens […]

29th April 2018 0

A Chance for Thanks!

Sometimes when you’re working with a charity, it can feel disconnected, distant, face-less and impersonal. But not so with FVUK. I’ve explained in other posts how I was shocked (to the point of tears) how much the people behind FVUK care and their total motivation to reach out and talk to people. I can’t think […]

27th February 2018 0

Collecting the Kit & First Shoot!

So, I managed to talk to the guys at Quicks Archery Waterlooville on Thursday. Then needed to know the size of the limbs (the arms of the bow) I needed and draw-length (how far I can pull the string back)… I suggested that I could go and visit them to check me over and set […]

17th February 2018 0

Veterans – History in the Making 12

A Right to Vote – February 1918 In November 2010 Cpl Sarah Bushbye RAMC was awarded the Military Cross by Her Majesty the Queen in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.  Sarah is only the third ever female recipient of the MC.  Pte Michelle Morris also RAMC was the first in 2006 and Able Seaman Kate […]

19th January 2018 0

Veterans – History in the Making 11

We will all be aware of the rising tensions between the United States of America and North Korea and the veiled threats coming from the man in the white house, or golf club a lot of the time, and the unveiled threats from the young leader Kim Jong Un. Whether you believe that one is […]

18th January 2018 0

Veterans – History in the Making …6

Special Order No. 6 A cold biting wind swept across the parade square at Bovington in late November as the Royal Tank Regiment stood to attention on a Regimental Parade. Dressed in their familiar black tank suits and belts their black berets bore the distinctive silver RTR cap badge. A lone trooper, the youngest in […]

17th October 2017 0

PTSD -Trust

Please remember I write this from my own military perspective. It took 12 years after I had left the army to put my trust in someone.  Although I think the worst thing I ever did was join a bar age of PTSD Facebook pages looking for answers, because the nurse in me took over and […]

8th October 2017 0