Coping Techniques for Crisis Situations

Three weeks after Fort Cumberland closure, it seems appropriate to demonstrate how Forgotten Veterans UK (FVUK) has resurrected support to Veterans by moving online.

The below post shows how the Charity has mobilised with both individual members and small team action groups stepping-up to assist and maintain Veteran’s wellbeing through engagement, involvement and good humoured military banter.

Behind the scene, vulnerable and at risk Veterans are contacted through the Buddy Scheme and where financial hardship cannot be met by other organisations, FVUK steps in. It is important to support each other in this time of crisis and ‘lock-down’. It is not just about military friends but our neighbours too.

If you know of others that want to be part of our 14,000+ Facebook private group members community, or anyone that wishes to help with donations, please point them to our link below.

FVUK maybe the Charity that is forgotten in name, but we are on the front foot to keep our Veterans connected. For new member connection and donation, visit:



#SelflessCommitmentTo Others

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