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There are many way you can support Forgotten Veterans UK!

Free Fundraising Pack:

If you’re thinking of hosting your own fundraising event, contact us for your free fundraising pack for top tips, advice and our A-Z fundraising ideas!

Online fundraising:

Set up your own fundraising page on or and collect sponsorship without the hassle of dealing with cash or cheques. Sponsors can donate quickly and easily online with a credit or debit card and their money comes straight to Forgotten Veterans UK.

Request a collection pot:

We can arrange to send you a pot for your school, workplace or event. Please email or call us on 02392 256 738.

Sending your money in to us:

Please do not send cash through the post. Wherever possible encourage people to write cheques made payable to ‘Forgotten Veterans UK’ and forwarded to us at the following address: Forgotten Veterans UK, Fort Cumberland, Fort Cumberland Road, Portsmouth PO4 9LD. If you receive cash or cheques payable to yourself, bank them and then write a cheque for the full amount. Please do not forget your Gift Aid form. We can also provide you with our bank details to allow you to pay funds directly into our account. However you send your money to us, please let us know details of the fundraising/event so that we can credit the money that comes into your fundraising activities. All donations should be accompanied by a contact name, address and telephone number in order for us to acknowledge your donation.

Used stamps:

A carrier bag of used stamps can be worth approximately £15 for our charity. Rare stamps and albums could generate even more for us. If you would like to donate your stamps to us, please send them to our charity office; Forgotten Veterans UK, Fort Cumberland, Fort Cumberland Road, Portsmouth PO4 9LD.

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