Fundraising Ideas

Remembering the past, helping with the future

Fundraising ideas

Get your work colleagues involved, round up your friends and family and involve any groups and clubs of which you're a member. It's all for a great cause.

  • What makes a good fundraising idea??
  • 5 popular fundraiser events..
  • Any questions, please ask.


What makes a good fundraising opportunity?

Everything and anything can be a good fundraising opportunity. What would you like to do? A dinner party, a coffee morning, a film screening, van pulling or getting your head shaved or dyed? These a low impact and great for those that may not be as active any more.

There are of course the more action packed and active activities that can help raise funds. Sponsored walks, endurance events, obstacle course races. Nowadays, there are many places and ways to raise funds for your cause.

Some things to consider:

  • Is it going to be a sponsored activity or are you hosting an event?
  • What do you enjoy?
  • Where do your talents lie?
  • Can anyone help you?

Do think about how much time and effort you can spend on planning and organising the event. Remember, you're doing a good thing for charity, but it should be fun too.

5 popular fundraising events


1. The FVUK Big Brew

Host a tea/coffee morning/afternoon either at home or a location of your choice. Get friends and family round for a catch up and a chat over a brew and use the opportunity to raise some funds. An even better option would maybe dedicate your Big Brew to a Veterans that you know. You could throw in some cakes as well. Maybe homemade or you could ask those attending to bring some that can be sold to raise even more money.


2. Get your quiz on...

Quiz nights take place in pubs across the UK, why not host a drinks and quiz night at home, or ask a local pub if they wouldn't mind getting involved? Regardless of where you hold it a fun time will be had by all. And quizzing is a great way to keep the mind busy and healthy.


3. Come Dine With You..

A sponsored dinner party sounds like the way to go, it could be themed a murder mystery. You could make it like the TV programme and arrange a number of dinner parties where there is an entry fee? As long as a good time is had by all and you are raising money for Forgotten Veterans UK what could be better....


4. Sponsored anything

Swim, walk, run, cycle, climb, parachute, silence and pie eating! Most things can be sponsored so the choice is yours. What would your friends and colleagues consider an absolute challenge or daring? Maybe they think you're inseparable from your mobile phone or you never walk anywhere. Prove them wrong and raise money for FVUK at the same time.


5. Go wild

Let your imagination run wild - the more creative the more publicity you may get and the more people might support you. So get that thinking cap on, is there a world record you could attempt or something that could involve all your work colleagues?