Gary Weaving (Founder)

Remembering the past, helping with the future

Gary is the founder of FVUK which was borne out of a particularly dark period in his life where there seemed to be no way forward.

Having been a Royal Engineer, who served ten years for his country. Gary had his career cut short after a tour of Afghanistan Op Herrick 1.

Unfortunately I was forced to leave with severe spinal injuries and mental health conditions. I realise with honesty that I have been through the same as many before me and many of which have suffered worse. I let my problems destroy me and couldn’t see at the time that my experiences and situations that I faced would enable me to assist others in their own problems and plights. I want FVUK to grow and learn from others greed and mistakes, so we may be a Charity with honesty and integrity, focusing on what is important the Armed Forces Veteran community and their families.

He had been let-down by virtually every organisation/service that should have been there to help and was at his lowest ever. Then following further severe spinal problems and heavy bouts of PTSD he put his feelings out on social media as he felt all alone. Within a very short time and a few hundred contacts later, he realised that he was not alone and there were other veterans out there in worst crisis than he was. He found that he could help some of the veterans in various small ways and started ‘chatting’ on Facebook and Twitter. Now some 17,000 plus members/followers later he is dedicated to helping wherever he can.