Peter Macey (Trustee)

Remembering the past, helping with the future

I think l always knew l would end up in the military world but not the one l actually joined. Born in Malta where my Father was stationed with the Royal Navy we came home to Cornwall when l was seven months old.
At 17 having left school with very few academic qualifications l decided to follow in my Father’s footsteps having heard of all his seafaring adventures and went off to join the Navy. But they turned me down so l went next door and joined the Army instead.
I spent 23 years in the Service, 16 years with the Corps of Royal Engineers during which time l saw service in Germany and the UK with tours of duty in NI, the Falklands and first Gulf War.
The last 7 years l spent as an Army Welfare Worker in the AGC, supporting soldiers and their families in a number if ways, leaving as a WO2 in 2001.
I have a genuine interest in supporting people particularly military veterans. I would say my main abilities or experiences lay in admin management, l have good organisational skills and the ability to listen and understand when people are asking for help.
Having worked with a number of different hats within the Charity, I was invited to become a Trustee in 2017, a role which I readily accepted as it allows me to get involved more and help the charity get to where it needs to be, at the forefront of supporting Veterans.