Remembering the past, helping with the future

The Basha Project. Veterans Retreat.


One of our latest projects that we are working on is the Basha Project. This is a Veteran's residential Retreat located at Fort Cumberland in Portsmouth & Southsea.

The retreat is intended as a place for Veterans to spend some time to reflect on any issues that they may have, spend time with other Veterans who may have similar issues and also get access to Mental Health Professionals and services that they may not otherwise have access to.

It is also a place where they can get advice on housing, benefits and healthcare job searching and CV's.

There is also the chance to learn new skills with work on the Fort. There will be a number of skills courses that will be run as part of a Veterans stay there. This could be learning new skills, or brushing up on old skills.

We are working in partnership with some other Veteran Charities. Namely Veterans Outreach Support UK and Building Heroes.

Brief History: Fort Cumberland

Fort Cumberland, Portsmouth

Fort Cumberland, as it appears today, was built between 1785 and 1810 in the far East of Portsmouth at Eastney Point on the site of an earlier fort. It was designed to defend the entrance to Langstone Harbour and was built in a star plan bastioned style (it was the last of this type of fort to be built in the UK). The fort was originally armed with 64 guns on the terreplein (the embrasures for which can still be seen in the parapet), but in the late 19th Century these were replaced by Rifled Muzzle Loaders and Breech Loaders. The 41 casemates surrounding the parade ground provided barrack accommodation for over 700 troops. Surrounding the fort is a dry ditch with many embrasures in the thick walls to allow gun fire into the ditch.
So, as you can see this is a truly Historic location with which to run our Veterans Retreat project. It has all the facilities that we need, and during our tenure we will be making good some of the more run down areas, and what better way to engage the Veterans that come and stay, by learning some new skills or putting to use skills they already have. Our Partner charity Building Heroes will also be helping out with this work.