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Available Services

Mental Health

Access to our team of Counsellors and trained Volunteers allows for quick access to services when they are most needed.

Phone Bank

We have a bank of donated mobile phones that we supply with credit to Veterans that need them to remain in contact with family, for emergencies and for job applications etc.

Retreat Camps

Our monthly retreat camps are designed for Veterans that need to take a step back and speak with other Veterans and access services directly.

Buddy Scheme

We are developing a nationwide network of Buddies that can interact with Veterans to reduce isolation and can help with local issues as required.

Quick Reaction Force

Our QRF Team are able to respond to Veterans in need and that are at risk to life 24/7/365 where we will bring them to safety or arrange time at our retreat camp.

Social Prescribing

We are able to signpost Veterans to both medical and non-medical services in order maintain their physical and mental health in the Community.


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