Due to the COVID-19 situation affecting the UK we have temporarily closed the online shop as no orders can be processed until the fort is open again.

This is being reviewed on a fortnightly basis, from today.

Any orders placed up until yesterday have been posted.

Many thanks.

If you are in need of our Support or know someone that is, please encourage them to contact us on the number below. Our team will do their absolute best to assist.

You have arrived at FVUK’s shop, where you can purchase a wide variety of branded items to show your support for our amazing charity and the work that we do. Purchases of support products go along way to helping spread the word on what we as a charity are doing across the UK, and of course every penny raised goes towards helping Veterans and their families which is our primary goal.

If there is nothing in our shop that appeals to you, you can still show your support by sparing a donation, no matter how much. Every single penny goes to supporting Veterans and their families and the work that we do.

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