Buddy Scheme

Remembering the past, helping with the future


The Buddy Scheme is a service where we pair up stronger Veterans with the more vulnerable in our community. The scheme is not just for veterans but also their families as we know the veterans problems impact everyone around them. We have an array of buddies available to suit the needs of the proportion of clients, it is a online or telephone service which we will pick up the cost for.

We are not here to council or treat traumas and have a programme in place if the recipient needs some more specialist support, and we will pass you onto reputable organisations and charities if you fit there  criteria and are happy for us todo so.

What we offer is guidance, friendship, information and gateway service. We appreciate that care does not stop at weekends, holidays and past five o’clock. We work under a practice of confidentiality and will make any information is stored safely in accordance to our code and practices and will not be used for any other reason. Our aims are purely to help stop isolation, motivate and boost confidence to start to take control of your own life and in the process find out exactly what you need and what FVUK can do to help yourself and your family. This isn’t an endless service but we will never drop you and will always as buddies and a charity be there for you, as long as you are prepared to help yourself.

In this day and age no veteran should feel alone or forgotten.

If you would like to know more about the Buddy Scheme, how it can help you or how you can help, then please contact us.

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We are grateful for as much as you can donate to help our cause.  We aim to ensure that every penny is used to help the veterans around the UK.  Our administrative costs are as low as they possibly can – everyone gives their time voluntarily and only bare essential travel costs are met by the charity.

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