Your Life Story, and it’s Importance.

To help you improve your Mental Health & Wellbeing, I use, what I term, ‘The Golden Triangle’.

Your Story is the main focus of who you are, where are you from and what has brought you to where you are at.

When combined with Meaning and Belief, it becomes the main force behind Behaviour. It is where Meaning represents an idea or personal notion that is the root of why we do what we do. Whereas, Belief is a conviction held in the Mind that is understood as a truth.

In order words, The ‘Why’ and ‘Because’ of behaviour. I refer to the ‘Golden Triangle’ as the SMB equation of Behaviour. When Wellbeing & Mental Health becomes unbalanced, it is normally a result of misrepresenting our view of a Notion or misinterpreting our understanding of a Truth.

If you therefore change the elements of the SMB equation, you can affect Behavioural Change. In psychological terms, helping you better understand Meaning and Belief bringing about change for a better way of life and improved quality of life.

Your Story continues: therapist helps you write the next chapter with better outcomes and more balanced behaviour and approach to life. #StayHome




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