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Changing the world for Veterans and their families. Direct Support, when and where it is needed.

About Us – Our Story

Forgotten Veterans UK (FVUK) was set up to support all Service Veterans in need. Whilst we look to the past to commemorate and honour those that gave their lives in the service of their Country we look to the future for those Veterans whose vision of the future is less clear.  This can sometimes be because of experiences within the services, but not always.  We recognise that people from all walks of life experience issues that they find difficult at times, and servicemen and women are no different to that. But in addition often these service veterans might have experienced thing within the service that has and will affect them for the rest of their lives.

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Gary Weaving
Gary is the founder of FVUK which was borne out of a particularly dark period in his life where there seemed to be no way forward. Having been a Royal Engineer, who served ten years for his country. Gary had his career cut short after a tour of Afghanistan Op Herrick 1.

Our People:

As a Charity, we are are only as good as our people. We have a fantastic team that support us 110% and they are all volunteers. Giving their time and expertise for free and helping us, to help Veterans and their families. It is safe to say, we would not be where we are today if it was not for them. At every level of our Organisation you will find a Volunteer that is taking part in day to day activities that are solely focused on helping Veterans. 

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The Buddy Scheme is a service where we pair up stronger Veterans with the more vulnerable in our community. The scheme is not just for veterans but also their families as we know the veterans problems impact everyone around them. We have an array of buddies available to suit the needs of the proportion of clients, it is a online or telephone service which we will pick up the cost for.

We are not here to council or treat traumas and have a programme in place if the recipient needs some more specialist support, and we will pass you onto reputable organisations and charities if you fit there  criteria and are happy for us to do so.

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The Basha Retreat:

The Basha Project, is a Veteran’s residential Retreat located at Fort Cumberland in Portsmouth & Southsea.

The retreat is intended as a place for Veterans to spend some time to reflect on any issues that they may have, spend time with other Veterans who may have similar issues and also get access to Mental Health Professionals and services that they may not otherwise have access to.



Here at Forgotten Veterans UK we work tirelessly in supporting Veterans and their families across the UK. We cannot do that without the support of our followers and the general public.

We have a huge range of options available for people to get involved with and help raise funds, have fun and most of all Support our Veterans.

We put Veterans and the support that we can give them at the forefront of everything that we do, and hope that our supporters follow us in this belief.